Regions Hospital Adolescent/Adult Clinical Skills Labs


  • March 23-24, 2024
  • June 1-2, 2024
  • September 14-15, 2024
  • November 2-3, 2024

Location: Regions Hospital EMS, 680 Hale Ave North, Suite 230, Oakdale, MN 55128

Cost: $500, Participants in this training may be eligible to join the Trauma-Informed Care Community of Practice through a U of MN HRSA grant. The Community of Practice Program can offer reimbursement for your registration cost. If you are interested in the U of MN HRSA grant resources please complete this survey:

Prerequisite: The nurse must have attended a 40 hour SANE course prior to attending the Clinical Skills Lab. This could either be a SANE-A course or SANE-P course, although the skills lab focuses on the adult and adolescent patient. You must be a licensed RN.

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This 16 hour Clinical Skills Lab will provide the nurse hands on Sexual Assault Examination training with live models. The Skills lab includes training and practice on pelvic speculum insertion, obtaining a medicolegal history, evidence collection and handling, anoscopy, and photography. The Skills Lab will provide training and practice with developing a plan of care, discharge/safety planning, and risk assessment for STI’s, pregnancy, and HIV with discussions regarding options for prophylaxis of each. This Clinical Skills Lab is designed to provide clinical practice to nurses who are new SANEs or SANEs who have not had the opportunity to perform many exams. The Skills Lab will increase the nurse’s skill and confidence with performing medical forensic examination of the adult and adolescent sexual assault patient.