RE Lab HRSA Grant

Forensic nurses support patients in important ways. RE Lab supports forensic nurses in important ways.  Nurses who are SANEs or interested in becoming SANEs are welcome to join RE Lab today-and membership is free! 

For more information or to join, go to Strengthening Forensic Nursing: A RE Lab Project

Membership Benefits

IAFN Pre and Post Conference Meetings: We are excited to have so many folks from our SANE community attending the 2023 IAFN Conference in Phoenix this month!  RE Lab will be hosting a zoom discussion before and after the conference to build community, talk about how to get the most out of the conference, share learning, and build momentum for folks interested in submitting their ideas to future conferences.  Anyone attending the conference (whether in Phoenix or virtually) is welcome!

The pre-meetings will be held on Thursday, 9/21 at 11-noon CT and 5-6pm CT. The post-meeting will take place on Wednesday, 10/11 from 11-noon. As a reminder, members who are being reimbursed by RE Lab to attend the conference are required to attend a pre- and a post-conference meeting. Please RSVP by emailing

Financial Support Opportunities: Apply for financial reimbursement for a variety of trainings and educational opportunities. This includes lodging and mileage when eligible. Learn more here.

SANE Clinical Residency: Work alongside preceptors to gain hands-on experience in various locations across the Twin Cities through our SANE Clinical Residency. Learn more here.

SANE Mentorship: Join the mentorship program to grow your skills with an experienced SANE trained as a mentor. The mentorship program is Zoom-based, and welcomes nurses who work as SANEs across the US. Learn more here.

Simulation Training: Provide realistic care to a standardized patient (a trained actor) in a simulated clinical setting. Participants receive feedback from expert SANEs and from the standardized patient. Learn more here.

SANE Case Debriefs: Debriefing a case with an expert SANE is one of the most important forms of self care for a SANE nurse. Experience an individual SANE case debrief of a pediatric or adolescent/adult case. Learn more.

Resume Help: We are in the process of creating materials to assist with resume and CV preparation through a forensic nursing lens. As we are in the development phase of this project, we would love any feedback you might have related to this topic. Please fill out this short survey that will let us know how we can best support your needs and interests. We will be hosting a webinar/help session in November: stay tuned for details.